what WE do

The Community Foundation is the most effective and efficient way to turn your compassion into action.

Featured at New Canaan

Continuing a tradition begun by the Volunteer Center in 1998, the Foundation is proud to acknowledge the efforts of New Canaan volunteers, including honoring “unsung” heroes who have not yet been recognized for their work. Click here for the form.

The 2nd annual I ♥ New Canaan photo contest is officially under way! Send us your photographs depicting something you love about New Canaan. The deadline is October 5th. Click here for submission guidelines.

What's Happening

September 15th

The Foundation will kick-off it’s annual giving campaign on September 15th with a committee of 51 amazing New Canaan volunteers – the largest appeal committee ever!  The appeal mailing will go out in mid-November.

what's coming up

9/10   Board Meeting
9/14   YPF Applications Due
9/15   Annual Appeal Kick-Off
9/30  YPF Kick-Off Meeting
10/1    Volunteer Recognition
          Nominations Due
10/5   Photo Contest Deadline
10/8   Board Meeting